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      Our Products


The PacNorth Group represents a wide range of products that include:

Flexible PVC films

Rigid bakery and deli/microwaveable containers

Dual-ovenable containers, and case ready packaging

Hairnets and chef hats

Protective gowns and coveralls

Filter paper and grill cleaning supplies

Janitorial and Food Service Cleaning Products

Household and institutional scouring products

Mops, brooms & brushes

Fryer filters for the restaurant and foodservice industries

Plastic cups, bowls, containers, lids and trays

Compostable Cups, custom print cups

High quality NSF certified disposable gloves

Disposable aprons

Disposable headwear & chef hats

Food storage bags, pan liners and cooking bags

Full line of trash canliners, bio-hazard bags, Foodservice bags, compostable trash bags

Disposable wipers, textile wipers, healthcare & hospitality wipers

Chinet tableware, paper cups & food containers

Molded fiber drink carriers, cafeteria trays, food and beverage trays

Serviceware plates, bowls & trays

Professional restaurant textiles, oven mitts, aprons, potholders

Chef apparel and imported towels and dishcloths

Towels, tissue, napkins wipers, dispensers

Plastic Cutlery, Dinner Kits, Custom Kits, Dietary Kits, Coffee Kits

Accessories and Condiments & Earth Friendly Items 

Butcher & deli wraps, bakery papers, bread & greaseproof paper bags and, foil lined food bags

Full line of ice melt products

Paper catering and deli trays, sheet cake pans

Take and bake pizza trays, retail serving platters, etc.

Paper board packaging and food trays

Pizza boxes























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