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About Us


The PacNorth Group Inc. was founded in 1990 by David Herron as a Manufacturers' Representative firm serving the Northwest market.  Our company's commitment is to grow as an organization with quality manufacturers committed to the Northwest market.  We offer complete market coverage by having sales representatives living in the major markets in the Northwest.  We also offer a unique opportunity to the lines we represent by focusing our sales efforts on a limited, select group of manufacturers. 

The firm currently employs 6 salespeople and 6 inside sales, which include customer service, marketing, and sample room staff.  Our principal sales representatives have proven track records with Fortune 500 companies and our staff has an extensive background in distributor and end user sales, and also comprehensive computer experience.  This expertise gives PacNorth exceptional customer service and professional sales staffs to ensure continuity of representation for the distribution community and end users. 

 The PacNorth Group differentiates itself from the competition by offering superior sales and service.  This is accomplished by customized literature and samples for product demonstrations, newsletters, product sampling & training. This allows us to have a close working relationship with the distributor and the key end user community.


  Our Services to OurPartners                                                                             Our Services to Customers    

* Territory Management
* Sales Representation
* Distributor Development
* Sales Training
* Proposals
* Activity and Opportunity Reports
* Contact Management
* Marketing
* Sample Fulfillment

* Communications
* Customer Service
* Order Processing
* Price Management
* Contract Management
* Bids
* Rebates
* Sales Analysis
* Sales Forecasting
* Show Set Up

* Product Knowledge
* Business Understanding
* Information
* Innovation
* Product Options
* Custom Products
* Cost Savings
* Inventory/Supply Chain
* Consulting

* Training 
* Custom sales flyers    
* Products that helps you to comply with environmental regulations                         * EcoFriendly Products   



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